Beloved Victory

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Some of my better work from Spring 2014 at AIB/LUCAD

1. Intaglio II: Sugarlift print

2. Intaglio II: 18”x24” plate, softground, self portrait

3. Advanced Painting: Acrylic on 4’x6’ canvas, self portrait

4. Advanced Painting: Acrylic on 4’x7’ Burlap, “Perception”; aspects of mountains and fabric formed mountains painted on fabric

Was in a Hunger Games mood so I did a little doodle of Katniss and Gale at their spot. Done back in November 2013(those were supposed to be trees of the vast forest in the distance…but it looks more like weird grassy hills. oops)
Brush pen on paper, digitally colored

Sep. 2012
Oil with Palette knifeAIB Painting I

Sep. 2012
Gouache, value control
Color and Composition

Done back in October, same method of drawing then coloring/texturizing in Gimp.
Zeke the Egg-chair Cat

Once again playing with my jellyfish and this silly coloring idea I’ve been using. 

Finally did something with a drawing I did back in April, originally inspired by depression and looming anxiety, but came out looking more like the embodiment of a rain storm. I like it either way.

All line work done on paper in ballpoint pen (top), then put into the computer and altered to be more solid and digital looking. Took an old painting of mine and edited it down to one color layer and changed the hues and such of that to make the different colors here, and with some layer games and a lot of the erase tool, voila! I give you a digitally painted abstracty violin thing! I might make a series of these “abstracted objects” if I feel like it, cause I quite like this one.

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So focus, and keep aiming.
In a few weeks I’m getting my next tattoo. The arrow symbolizes optimism and positivity for me, as the quote above shows, and how I want to live my life with a brighter outlook than I have in the past. It’s going to be on the outside of my right forearm, I was having trouble designing it. At the top here, I’ve drawn a few ideas, and I was willing to mix and match the different parts of each of these together, I was just having way too much trouble deciding. These are pretty rough sketches mind you, the final copy I take to the artist I will probably have digitally so the measurements and lines and whatnot are perfect, but the option of keeping it rough is on the table as well. 
The picture on the bottom is what I think my final decision is, but I’m still deciding if I want to use the digital copy for reference or if I want to have a rough version.
Found a little sketch and made my own version of it modifying it to be Harry and Ginny. Cause I’m a cute dork like that <3